Grower's Choice 100

Grower's Choice 100


This is a variety pack of tubers put together by us. No special requests are allowed. You will recieve no more than 10 of any one variety but most will be 5 of any particular variety, designed to give you a large array of colors and styles.





Our farmer's packages are smaller bulk packages of ten tubers of the same variety priced below wholesale so we do not offer replacements, refunds or exchanges. We try to offer Farmer's Packages using varieties that are good growers, good producers of both flowers and tubers as well as good stem length and vase life! These packages do not include "premium" tubers! They are made up of what we like to call "ugly tubers". These are tubers that may have a chopped body, smaller in size, slightly shriveled, may be a mother tuber, etc. These are perfectly healthy tubers and each will have a growing eye! We will not send unhealthy tubers or any tubers that we are not sure that it will grow! These are the tubers that we plant each year and we find that often they sprout sooner and grow more vigorously!

ALSO- These packages do not qualify for free shipping!

Note: not all product listings have photos of the blooms just yet. We are working on it and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions about a particular flower.