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Our remaining inventory has been added!!!

Thank you all for being patient with us! We hope everyone is off to a great start to 2023!

Please respect and honor the limits that are on some items!

This year we have decided to put limitations on some of the varieties that we have low supplies of. This allows more people a chance to enjoy some of those varieties. We hope this minor inconvenience will be easily overlooked, we're only trying to be as fair as we can be. Thank you for being understanding.

Reminder- Please be sure to check your mailing information when ordering!!! We have had a high number of addresses being kicked back by the post office this year. 

Farmer Packages are now on sale!!!

Growers, don't miss out on these amazing prices! 

Sold in lots of 5 per variety.

You must have a resellers certificate to qualify for the bulk packages!

Please read the disclaimer concerning the Farmers Packages!

We are now offering e-gift certificates!

Image by Timo C. Dinger

Our Policies

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