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Our deepest regrets.
Unfortunately, we are experiencing a catastrophic crop failure! We are not comfortable selling any of our stock at this time. We pride ourselves on providing quality tubers and with the amount of damage we are experiencing, we don't feel we can guarantee that. Some varieties seem to be doing better than others so we will be accessing the damage daily. At any point we feel we have any stock that we can guarantee, we will place those for sale. 

We will continue to have our tools, gift certificates and amendments for sale through the entire season!

Please feel free to browse the varieties that we stock!

Reminder- Please be sure to check your mailing information when ordering!!! We have had a high number of addresses being kicked back by the post office this year. 

We will continue to offer Farmer Packages in 2024!!!

Due to an unfortunate crop failure, we are limited on the varieties as well as the amount of farmer packages we will have available this season.

Please contact us very early in the season to take advantage of this offer.

Growers, don't miss out on these amazing prices! 

Sold in lots of 5 per variety.

You must have a resellers certificate to qualify for the bulk packages!

Please read the disclaimer concerning the Farmers Packages!

e-gift certificates available all year!

Image by Timo C. Dinger

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